The Island Heights Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 is a 100% independent non-profit organization in Island Heights, New Jersey, funded entirely by donations, fundraisers and grants.

Station 53 operates two engines equipped for fire suppression, forcible entry and ventilation operations, a water rescue team consisting of a utility truck for transporting personnel and equipment and a boat equipped for both fire suppression and water and ice rescue operations, a brush unit equipped for off-road fire suppression operations and a command vehicle operated by the fire chief.

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Robert Wilber, Jr.


Jonathan Brodbeck



Anyone interested in serving the community and joining our team, please feel free to contact any member of the fire company or come to the firehouse any Friday night for information.

The Island Heights Volunteer Fire Company is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers who devote much of their free time to serving the community. In addition to responding to calls for service at all hours of the day, the volunteers routinely conduct training exercises, check apparatus and equipment, clean the firehouse, fundraise and participate in community events. The time devoted to preparing for and responding to calls for service is prioritized by the volunteers over their personal time, including all fundraising efforts by which the company is entirely funded. This devotion and sense of responsibility, contribution and pride is what makes the company such a tight-knit family.

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If you are:

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Capable of passing physical examination
  3. Capable of passing self-contained breathing apparatus fit test
  4. Can satisfy specified meeting, drill, event, and emergency response attendance percentages

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